When Night Falls

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Founded by artistic director Jean-Baptiste Duperray, the Compagnie des Quidams has performed over a dozen shows in more than forty countries, from Europe to Australia, Asia and South America.

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The company brings together artists and technicians from various backgrounds ranging from theatre to dance, music and circus to keep audiences enthralled with their fantasy-filled performances. The strange musicians from Moz Drums , with their glittering costumes, upbeat demeanour, lively drum beats, and dazzling LED technology, is set to dial up the fun with a stunning spectacle of light and movement suitable for audiences of all ages! The interactive video screen on their bodies gives an additional technological impact, too. Moving their bodies to every beat and cutting through the crowd in a cloud of smoke, Moz Drums brings out all the drama of a dynamic light show with a real-time dynamic and lively exchange!

Watching these captivating stilt-walkers walking right by you is indeed something special. Venice-based Teatro Pavana is a professional street theatre company founded in Teatro Pavana started small, but the company had developed into a large and much sought-after troupe throughout the years. By engaging experienced artists from different nationalities and backgrounds, the ensemble is evolving continuously to present new acts regularly.

Experience living screens that tell thought-provoking stories for a complete immersion in the transformational nature of the arts. Get ready to be impressed and inspired by the artistic creations of Visual Art Laboratory from South Korea and Kongsi Petak from Kuala Lumpur which will fill you with awe and wonder.

When night falls

The process of asking a question and giving an answer repeats itself and accumulates into an even bigger expression as a whole. The performance is created by Seni Tiga , a multidisciplinary collaborative performance series initiated by Kongsi Petak.

PUNCH - 밤이 되니까 (WHEN NIGHT FALLS) [han- rom- eng lyrics]

At Umbrella of Conscience , the critical environmental concerns that our world is facing today are expressed through sand art. Audiences move along with the steampunk bike which releases steam while taking part in the process of finding the right direction to resolve the current environmental issues when the sand artist stops at particular spots to draw a provocative sand art.

Do you want to listen to the message that the Earth is communicating?

Rádios que tocam Grave Digger

Then, follow the Umbrella of Conscience. Watch the graceful dancers performing on a wet surface which gleams in the dark! Modernisation and globalisation have had us trapped in a rat race. But do we live for ourselves amid laborious work and the hectic pace of city life? Or we are, in fact, living for others? Expressed predominantly through contemporary dance movements which evolved from Malaysian traditional dance forms, this ruminative site-specific dance performance by Pexstret Liu makes use of the elegance and infinite form of water to lead us to ponder if we are breathing for others.

Think again. Prepare to be transported to a luminescent space where a cross-cultural installation performance is presented on water which glows in the dark with LED lights.

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Get ready for a diverse range of blazing performances by international fire artists as they manipulate fire through staff twirling, poi spinning, and spellbinding pyrotechnic effects. With a fiery combination of thrilling martial arts, astounding dance and acrobatic movements, Flame in the Dark is a flaming treat for thrillseekers — young and old. Prepare your mind for a journey beyond reality as we bring you through fanciful environments to explore the endless possibilities that light can offer.

By manipulating light, Light Rain vibrantly captures the beauty of raindrop, giving you a sense of what it is like to be washed over with neon! Get your poses ready at these instagrammable light installations! Relaxed grooves for those epic party moments beyond the dance floor, music for journeys to Inner Space, and inspirational soundtracks for the easy-going side of life: That's what Bluetunes Chillout is all about. Contact Blue Tunes Chillout.

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Inspired by architecture, this album by Samba De La Muerte has sweeping, grand electronic melodies paired with hopeful and poetic lyrics. Ancient Mahogany Gold by SassyBlack.

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When Night Falls When Night Falls
When Night Falls When Night Falls
When Night Falls When Night Falls
When Night Falls When Night Falls
When Night Falls When Night Falls
When Night Falls When Night Falls
When Night Falls When Night Falls

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