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I thought that was unfair. In those few seconds my breathing calmed down, my face un-blushed and an empathy-laden smile took form on my face. Now, you do know how contagious mirror neurons can be. Soon they began to make the gel-mustached face also go up in a smile. It is like through his turban he was able to scan and smell the oxytocin that began to release itself in my brain.

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They said I was not a very responsible Indian but I was a good citizen of the world. Count to ten backwards, forget Trump and always dump the grump. Take in the balcony view: The world of neuro-linguistic programming offers a technique of shifting perceptions. Like letting someone else take in a completely neutral and objective view of the problem.

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You, of course, can observe and guide yourself from the position of a kindly, elderly person of your choice. Zoom in on the white space: In his book, Focus, Daniel Goleman talks about how as a people we are obsessed with sensational, negative news.

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In fact, he claims, if we were to focus upon the billions of acts of kindness and compassion that take place across the world we will realize that all the percentage of negative deeds that occur across the world are but a small speck of dust on a large white wall. Thus, to learn to habitually dump the grump, we ought to spend time on looking for what is working and when we take our eyes off the speck of dust we will see that the rest of the wall and the rest of the world and our lives have a huge amount of white space. Our energies will flow, where our focus goes to what is working and who to credit, then you will know that dumping the grump will not just be a good habit but a natural trait of ours.

Hold up a mirror to yourself: Yes, things do go wrong. Yes, people do make mistakes, and, yes, we out to learn that I, too, am one of the people who make mistakes.

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  8. It is a rare and a very powerful leadership trait that practices the gentle and compassionate art and science of looking in and being honest about we see. It takes gumption to note that when we point a single blaming finger at the world outside the other appendages of our hand are pointing towards ourselves. Many a time, what appears to be the wrongdoing of others may just be a perception of our minds.

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    Probably we said or did something that created the monsters that stand in our way and growl at us. You see almost everything is connected. Ok, Mumbai! So become crystal clear about the shenanigans of your mind and behavior and when life unfurls results that you do not like then be man or woman enough to take the blame.

    Frank Slade in the movie, Scent of a Woman.

    Choose your battles: Ah, okay, the world is a beautiful place and so are its inhabitants. But, sometimes, we do wrong things. Many may not agree but we all do wrong things either out of ignorance or out of fear. Nothing else. When we come to terms with these facts, we will also come to terms with the fact that we are, in reality, meek and timid and scared.

    Here Comes the Grump

    This realization can fill our hearts and minds with compassion with living beings including our own selves. Escaping the Aspen bubble for a day or two during offseason is a must. On a whim, some friends and I decided to make the trek to Crested Butte for the weekend to attend the annual Vinotok Festival. With little knowledge of what this event actually entails, no one really knew quite what to expect.

    The Grump — Anna Vilppunen

    After a stunning, three-hour drive crossing Kebler Pass, we arrived in the notably quaint, yet hip, mountain town. The leaves were just starting to change, and it was the first weekend where it actually felt like fall. Founded by a band of Crested Butte natives in , Vinotok is a celebration of the transition from summer to fall. With live music, storytelling and dancing ceremonies interspersed throughout the week, the festival culminates with the Trial of the Grump on a Saturday. Luckily, a few of our friends were Crested Butte locals so they advised us on how to prepare.

    To start, a crown of leaves or fresh flowers was pretty much considered mandatory and the making of the crown was just as essential as the wearing of the crown. This process involved wandering into the woods to gather leaves and twigs to construct a makeshift crown that was to be worn for the duration of the holiday.

    Burn the Grump: A journey to Vinotok in Crested Butte

    Picture a boisterous street jubilee and one giant costume party. The masses of people who showed up to celebrate the change of seasons was remarkable.

    Arin's Mouthwash Conspiracy Theory

    Shoulder to shoulder, we slowly moved down the street in a ceremony-like fashion and I quickly lost my friends among the crowd. Locals dressed as medieval characters — their heads ringed with leaf wreaths and decorative elk-horn headwear. From an outside perspective, the display of people carrying torches and wearing masks as they marched down the street resembled something from a horror movie, and I was slightly taken aback.

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