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The ability of the sun to gain control over the unending desires is what ashwini nakshatra is all about. The seven horses also represent represent the seven chakras — and people with prominent planets in Ashwini nakshatra have the ability to experience the blossoming of the kundalini energy if they keep their arrogance, ego and desires in check! The Adharva veda which is one of the 4 vedas is named after him.

The Ashvins already knew a lot of secrets about holistic health and were the ancient practitioners of Ayurveda! They approached Dadhichi and tricked him to give the most precious knowledge to them. The Ashvins have miraculous power to even bring back the dead alive!

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So in essence, the madhu-vidya is the knowledge of the supreme bliss! Madhu-vidya is described in the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad II. They are also the 3rd generation of universal creators, creators, sculptors, energizers and healers from their maternal side. They were born as mortals under mysterious circumstances from the nostrils of their mother Saranyu Cloud, Air, Air, Wind, Protector and father Martanda Mortal Embryo Embryo and the last Solar Deity to be born to Aditi when both had assumed the earthly form of horses. They also represent the Yogic breath of Udana upward moving and Apana descending Vayus.

Ganesh is therefore the manifest from this aspect.

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The Right side of our body is Shiva, represents represents Agni or Sun. Skanda is manifest from this aspect. The beautiful girl Sukanya came upon the nest and saw two shining objects inside. Not realizing these were the eyes of the sage, she poked playfully at them, and the sage was blinded. After their marriage marriage Sukanya served served the sage cheerfully, cheerfully, despite his old age and blindness.

One day she was spotted by the Ashwini Kumaras, identical twins who served as physicians of the gods, who decided that her ethereal beauty was worthy of residence residence in heaven rather than languishing on the Earth serving an old blind sage. They asked her to marry one of them. Being a faithful wife, she vehemently objected to their request. If she failed to do so they would return him to old age and blindness. All parties accepted these terms. Being demigods, the Ashwini Kumaras left no footprints on the bank as they exited the pond.

Although the rejuvenated rejuvenated sage looked looked identical to the twins, he left footprints. The Devas are the Jnanendriyas in the body. They are ever maintained young and energetic by the force of Prana.

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Just like we go to the physician for bodily ailments, for their supply of energy and vitality they will have to depend on the Ashwini Kumaras Ku maras Divine Physicians or Physicians to the Gods. The Aswini Kumaras are the Prana and Apana. They are termed so, because they are always galloping within this body like two horses, without rest for even a moment. Further, they are inseparable. That is why they are referred to as the Twins. Thus the real Chyavanaprash, Chyavanaprash, the medicine that Rishi Chyavana used to attain everlasting youth, is the control and manipulation of breath through Yoga, and this alone is the never-failing tonic and energy-giver.

Therefore, it is the imperative need for every individual who wishes to live a healthy life of longevity, full of energy and vigor. Similar to how Brahmins, who undergo the ceremony of Upanayana — a function where they are initiated into The Gayatri Mantra, believe to be born again. Worshipping or meditating on this form of Lord Ganesha helps you reduce your debts and attain fame and material gains in this world.

In the same vein, it is observed that they change jobs and professions more often than others ' The Ashwini natives show attachment to parents, for better or worse. They have high propensity to jump into activities without much thought, which makes than hyperactive.

Also, often the native has a double name, a nickname or is given new titles ' The animal symbol of Ashwini is the Male Horse. The seven horses as per Indian mythology are considered considered the vehicle of the Sun God. The Ashwins are mythologically know to ride along during sunrise on their golden chariots chasing Usha The Dawn. The Ashwini Kumaras can grant everlasting youth and vitality to their worshippers ' The Ashwini Kumaras are the typical Celestial Pranksters and love a little of play. They are not afraid of taking risks and taking new challenges in life.

They generally have a good sense of humor and can be an interesting company ' The desire of the Ashwini Kumaras was to drink the Soma the Elixir of Life and Immortality and to be considered equals amongst the Gods. By restoring the eyesight and youthful appearance to Chyavana Rishi they earned their right to drink Soma Rasa, an immortalizing drink, with the other demigods. There are always on the look-out for shortcuts and fast ways to achieve their objectives quickly.

However, Ashwini people may incur initial resistance or even prejudice in the process of attaining the status, position or acceptance ' The Ashwini Kumaras were handsome looking and masters in horse riding, mathematics and astrology. Nakul was supposed most handsome in the entire Kuru Dynasty and was good at Horse Riding and Training. Sahadeva Sahadeva was supposed to have been an expert in Mathematics and Jyotish Vidya. Also, called as Musca Borealis , which represents the Tail of the Ram.

This association with Venus is only relevant with the Vimshottari based Nakshatra Dasa system and Venus doesn't rule this Nakshatra as is believed and understood misintepreted misintepreted in many of the later texts on Nakshatras.

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Bharani has three faint stars in the formation of an inverted triangle. It is represented by the Vulva or the Womb.

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Spiritual realms of dying and death. It means forbearance, which means: self-control, restraint restraint and tolerance. Yama and Dharma God of Morality are two di erent deities and not to be confused as one. Yama and Yami and Saturn. He is the doorkeeper doorkeeper of the South direction. He Upholds the Codes of Social Morality. Navarathri The 9 Nights of the Devi is the festival of the Devi as Shakti, where the deity is made from clay Earth Element , worshipped and then immersed in the water for the Devi to re-shaped re-shaped and create from mother earth procreation and creation the next n ext year ' Symbol of Bharani is the Vulva Receive, Hold, Nurture and Destroy.

Egyptian Civilization considers it the doorway between di erent worlds Soul entry from the astral plane to the physical world. Bharani carries a lot of Occult and Tantric Potential. The horns of Aries are said to resemble the female reproductive reproductive system. Just like the womb which carries new life in the form of foetus for several months. Hence Bharani carries the powerful urge to create and procreate.

It symbolizes transportation between di erent planes and realms of existence. Another striking feature of Bharani women is their 94 luxuriant and striking hair, hair, especially for Moon in Bharani natives. The themes of Twins or very attached to their Siblings are commonly seen in Bharani ' Key Traits Traits of Bharani are: Judgmental, Fighter of a Cause or Social Justice, Subscribe to Revolutionary Social Philosophies, Judgmental and Moralistic sometimes negative , self-controlled, self-controlled, with a strong sense of duty, like the moth which jumps from one source of light to another Need Guidance from a more mature and wiser source.

Bharani is the most sexual amongst the nakshatras, in some cases it can shun sex completely to a point of perversion ' Bharani heralds Venusian energy which is primarily Rajasic Guna in nature and belongs to the Earth element which can be explained by the animal which is an elephant the biggest and largest animal in the world ' Guru Shukracharya had Sanjivini vidya, the knowledge to revive the dead to life.


This is related to the synodic cycle of Venus, Venus, which is days. By virtue of precedence, precedenc e, he became the ruler of the departed, and is called "Lord of the Pitris". Lord Ganesh also has a connection with Elephant. Lord Brihaspati also is seen riding an elephant. Elephant symbolizes power, strength, honor, stability and tenacity and these qualities have a connection with Bharani nakshatra.

Zodiacal Gems (AmAre Weekend companion) Frank Ar Kindle

In the ancient times elephant were used as a mode of transport. The transport associated with Bharani Nakshatra is about death, which paves way for new life! Mythological Stories about Yama - Bharani Nakshatra The potentialities inherent in Bharani can be unraveled through the mythology of Yama, the deity associated with this nakshatra.

Yama Yama the god of death has been associated with numerous mythological stories throughout the puranas and the Ve Vedas. Exposing to them gives us a sense of the cipher to be used u sed to have a crack the energy of Bharani. Before Yama became the god of death, he is associated with his twin sister Yami. The Rig Veda Yami, desirous of a child, requests sexual consummation with Yama. Yami relentless of her desire to procreate tries to convince her brother by pointing out that the gods themselves did so. Yama replies to her stating that who knows what the gods actually did and what the scriptures mean.

Sanjhana name translates to being unable to bear the radiance of the Sun creates her clone, Chaya to replace her. Manu accepted his fate, while Yama was unable to do so. So he kicked Chaya in her stomach with his leg. Infuriated Chaya curses his leg to be riddled with sores and worms and be weakened. Yama tells Vivasvat that no mother would curse her own child. Vivasvat makes Chaya spill out the whole story of what Sanjhana did. Yama is called as Shirnapada, or the one with Shriveled foot. Another mythological mythological story describes describes how Yami Yami found Yama Yama who was lying lying under a tree.

Yami realizes that her brother Yama was mortalized, or died. Yami is said to have cried a river of tears that seems to be overwhelming for the gods. The gods are supposed to have created night to calm down Yami. Yami supposedly became the river Yamuna.

Talismans, amulets and zodiacal gems – Part I (AmAre Weekend Companion Book 4) Talismans, amulets and zodiacal gems – Part I (AmAre Weekend Companion Book 4)
Talismans, amulets and zodiacal gems – Part I (AmAre Weekend Companion Book 4) Talismans, amulets and zodiacal gems – Part I (AmAre Weekend Companion Book 4)
Talismans, amulets and zodiacal gems – Part I (AmAre Weekend Companion Book 4) Talismans, amulets and zodiacal gems – Part I (AmAre Weekend Companion Book 4)
Talismans, amulets and zodiacal gems – Part I (AmAre Weekend Companion Book 4) Talismans, amulets and zodiacal gems – Part I (AmAre Weekend Companion Book 4)
Talismans, amulets and zodiacal gems – Part I (AmAre Weekend Companion Book 4) Talismans, amulets and zodiacal gems – Part I (AmAre Weekend Companion Book 4)

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