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Saturday Night and Thursday Morning had popped up continually in the recommendations Amazon show whilst you are browsing and in their regular emails and they eventually managed to hook me with a free download offer. I knew that Stockport had enjoyed a bit of a golden era in the past and my team Motherwell had latterly employed one or two of the folk involved in those successes.

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My thinking was, well what have I got to lose? Might actually learn a thing or two about Gannon and Ward. But I'm glad I did finally give in. I must be honest though in that before I began reading the book in earnest, I didn't fully read the blurb about how fully revised the book actually was, which is kind of a big thing really once you get it in to it. I'm reading away quite the thing with no particular knowledge of the precise season Dave Espley is writing about, then boom - a couple of games in and unbelievably it seems its the author himself whose giving the game away about how the season actually pans out!

At first the account of the game with a summary tagged on to the end of it feels a little odd, but as the book progresses you get used to it and the more you read, the more things are put in context with the help of the retrospective analysis. In actual fact what is really quite quirky is reading a book about a season in the nineties, with a perspective added and yet still knowing what horrors would await Stockport in the time since !

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Anyways, as for the content, I really enjoyed it. I could relate to lots of it and whilst we all have our rivalries reading something like illustrates that there is far more that we share as football fans than divides us. Espley strikes a good balance between telling the story of each game without reducing it to a dry statistical account or rehash of a newspaper report. There's a good amount of off the field activities and opinions of the day that keep the story ticking along nicely without it ever becoming boring. He also brings a personal feel to things with family also involved in supporting the side and I quite like the fact he isn't a "superfan" type.

The part for example where he remarks on looking in on his sleeping kids with their own set of worries, hopes and dreams brings it's own sense of perspective to what he's just witnessed at the game It's back up in price but at the time of writing is still very reasonably priced and well worth your hard earned and time. There was a problem loading the comments at the moment. Showing 0 comments.

Saturday Night & Thursday Morning

Sort by: Newest Oldest. If there are any County fans out there still not wanting to read about our greatest ever period, simply because it's too depressing due to the brown stuff we currently find ourselves in, just get this book. Besides which, our memories are the one thing our current CEO couldn't ever sell off or make redundant. So to those fans yet to buy this book, and indeed to any real football fans in general who like to see the 'little guy' win, get this book and read about the GOOD old days at Edgeley Park, before it all went 'McKnights' up! A totally brilliant account of a breathtaking season that had us all rubbing our eyes in disbelief!

One person found this helpful. I got the original paperback following that amazing season, coupled with Dave Jones diary with his hatchets job on Danny which I will gloss over as it is nothing to do with SNATM and it is nice to be able to relieve this on my kindle. Maybe it helps that I was at 10 of the games that season, sure beats the BSN - we thought we were lower leagues then Purchased this book when it was first released from Dave who is a Stockport County supporter. Glad to see it is a free download in the Kindle Store and would highly recommends that any football fan especially those who support County download this version while it is free.

Thank you Dave, let's hope and pray for better times for our beloved football club.

The good times will return I and our lord think they will. I have the original in Paperback and, like an earlier reviewer, the pages are coming out. With my beloved County still in the limbo of Division 6 it is good to re-read the original together with the later updates which are some years back. It is the story of an average football fan and, look at the gates Stockport get at home and the amount that their supporters swell away gates, and you will see that the club is still magnificently supported.

Interesting insight into a season-long odyssey following his beloved Stockport County home and away in what turned into a record- breaking season. Only complaint concerns the number of typos which remain even after the recent revision. This book I found to be informative and humorous, and should interest all football fans. However as a Birmingham City supporter I was a little dismayed to read Dave's opinion of the mighty Blues. That apart, a very good read and I enjoyed it. I went to 63 of the 67 games that season and I can safely say every time I read this book it takes me back to the best football year of my life.

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It is good to see that the way you see things are seen that way by other people. No other day comes close. Monday is the worst, and everyone knows it.

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Tuesday is pretty much just Monday 2. Wednesday is halfway to Saturday, so it's really only half good. Thursday is for doing all the work you won't be getting done on Friday. Which, by the way, is only any good because it means it's almost Saturday. And Sunday? Don't even get me started.

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    Saturday Night and Thursday Morning Saturday Night and Thursday Morning
    Saturday Night and Thursday Morning Saturday Night and Thursday Morning
    Saturday Night and Thursday Morning Saturday Night and Thursday Morning
    Saturday Night and Thursday Morning Saturday Night and Thursday Morning
    Saturday Night and Thursday Morning Saturday Night and Thursday Morning
    Saturday Night and Thursday Morning Saturday Night and Thursday Morning
    Saturday Night and Thursday Morning Saturday Night and Thursday Morning
    Saturday Night and Thursday Morning Saturday Night and Thursday Morning

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