Last Christmas

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Last Christmas

Sometimes he takes off his tan jacket, but he always wears a grey shirt underneath.

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No one but Kate interacts with Tom in the trailer, despite the fact that they live in a crowded city. He is wearing the same outfit the whole time so I am ready to get hurt — Jess theonlyjesster August 14, It's more than just the lack of costume changes and limited reactions from other people. In the trailer, Kate tells Tom that she "almost died," and now routinely has to go to doctor's appointments with her mom Emma Thompson , which she hates doing. Tom , meanwhile, doesn't really have much to share with Kate about his life, and instead helps Kate improve her life with his helpful tips.

Kate even jokingly calls Tom a "saint" at one point. Or perhaps Tom is actually a Christmas ghost, a la A Christmas Carol , set to help Kate find herself again after a traumatic event.


One theory? That traumatic event was a heart transplant You know.

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Like literally. There's a great deal of evidence to support this theory. It also would make sense why details of the film were kept "under wraps" in early press about the movie: No one wanted to spoil the twist! There's even a moment in the trailer to support this twist. That was always in the script, back before Emilia was attached or anything like that.

That was part of the storytelling. Beyond that, it was an organic thing that happened to the character. It feels like a very brave thing to take on a part that could hit so close to home. And then she also sings! Did you know she was a singer before casting her? I cast her knowing she had to sing a few times in the movie. I think she knew.

Last Christmas director Paul Feig reveals role of George Michael music in film

Wait, did she? Yes, I think so. But you knew she wanted to be a singer and had a couple of audition scenes. And she has this lovely voice.

What Christmas faux-pas did you know to avoid this time around? What lessons did you learn?

Last Christmas: first trailer for Emma Thompson romcom featuring the music of George Michael

It was more about the stakes and the characters. Unaccompanied Minors began as Grounded and was very much about children of divorce and creating new families.

'Last Christmas' trailer: Watch Emilia Clarke fall for Henry Golding - Los Angeles Times

We were a week into production and the studio head got nervous that we were being mean towards divorced parents. He shut us down and made us cut a lot of that stuff out.

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Last Christmas Last Christmas
Last Christmas Last Christmas
Last Christmas Last Christmas
Last Christmas Last Christmas
Last Christmas Last Christmas
Last Christmas Last Christmas
Last Christmas Last Christmas

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