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Like her previous work this story is a piece of social realism but, for the first time, Campbell introduces hints of magical realism — which is very much in keeping with the world view of the people she writes about. Carol Campbell is a journalist who writes novels after hours.

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Her first novel, My Children Have Faces , Karretjiemense in Afrikaans based on the donkey cart people of the Great Karoo, was published to critical acclaim in Register Sign In. Carol Campbell's third Karoo novel delicate and deeply moving. A backwater bildungsroman, "Karoo Boy" captures memorably the casual brutalities of small-town South African life: the squashed lizard that Douglas's classmates slip into his peanut butter sandwich, the putrefied jackal they deposit in the family water tank.

In a scene of humiliation redolent of Coetzee, Afrikaner schoolboys strip Douglas naked, cage him in a basket and abandon him on the main street for beggars to poke at with sticks and dogs to urinate on.

Blacklaws renders keenly the atmospherics of 's South Africa -- the hereditary hostilities, the epidemic suspicions. As Douglas observes of a neighbor, "Bessie Malan's white hair is a tangled crow's nest of fishing gut.

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Her glass eye she puts on a pine stump in the yard to keep an eye on the garden boy, Matches. Her teeth lurk somewhere in the murk of her house. I wonder if she ever goes out with all her parts in.

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Indian blue ink has seeped into the wood. There is a hole from the days of inkwells and a groove to keep HB pencils from rolling down the slant of the desk.

Blacklaws, Troy 1965–

As Hazel Rochman stated in a Booklist review, even those with no knowledge of South Africa "will recognize the aching personal truth and political horror" depicted by the author. Blacklaws' second published novel, Blood Orange , was actually written before Karoo Boy , but was not published until later.

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Blood Orange is narrated by a South African youth, Gecko, whose father commits suicide. She further noted: "Blacklaws has a way of capturing images and playing with words that add charm.

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Karoo Boy: A Novel Karoo Boy: A Novel
Karoo Boy: A Novel Karoo Boy: A Novel
Karoo Boy: A Novel Karoo Boy: A Novel
Karoo Boy: A Novel Karoo Boy: A Novel
Karoo Boy: A Novel Karoo Boy: A Novel
Karoo Boy: A Novel Karoo Boy: A Novel
Karoo Boy: A Novel Karoo Boy: A Novel
Karoo Boy: A Novel Karoo Boy: A Novel

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