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Secrets of Isis Part(s) 1, 2, & 3 (TV Show) With: JoAnna Cameron, Brian Cutler, 05-20-2019

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Terrorists prefer to chat on Telegram and email with Gmail

Manufacturers, suppliers and others provide what you see here, and we have not verified it. See our disclaimer. The Secrets of Isis - The Complete Series When Science teacher Andrea Thomas unearthed a lost treasure of an archeological dig, she found that the mystical amulet endowed her with the powers given to the ancient Egyptian Queen, Isis! Now granted the powers of animals and the elements, Isis soared as the falcon soared, ran with the speed of gazelles, and commanded the elements of the sky and the earth. Read more: Trump could be impeached now over the Comey firing, says the professor who predicted his election win.

The paper reported that Trump shared information obtained via a highly sensitive intelligence-sharing arrangement that does not give him permission to relay it to Moscow, or even some members of his own government. The Post also reported that Trump revealed details of a terrorist plot against Russia, naming the ISIS-held city where it was detected. Such a disclosure, the paper said, may threaten the ability of the U. Initially, it was reported that Trump provided the Russian foreign minister and ambassador with intelligence related to the ISIS threat posed by laptops being carried onto planes—in an unusual, but unlikely illegal, conversation.

Opposing the west was their measure of religious authenticity. She was already in Syria and was the widow of an Isis fighter. In our private conversations, she tried to influence me with her single-minded energy. Umm Umar was just 16 when we started talking. She was born in Britain but her parents were Bangladeshi. She seemed pleased to be able to share her experiences.

Umm Umar did not enjoy her childhood in Britain. She grew up in a part of the country where there were few migrants, and even fewer Muslims.

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Other kids often beat her up at school when she was small, she said, and spat at her on the bus when she was older. She was desperately lonely and alienated. Her strongest bond was with her mother. She had been matched with a fighter who was British Bangladeshi, just like her. His family were even from the same village in Bangladesh, she told me, relishing the coincidence of fate that had brought them together.

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She was now the wife of a shaheed [martyr] and was being honoured. But she was careful not to seem discontented. All women, she promised me, were looked after. Umm Umar had travelled to Syria because she wanted to join a perfect Islamic state. Like the other women, she painted a picture of an Islamic utopia.

This was for the sake of propaganda and, I suspected, to reassure themselves that they had made the right decision in going over. To all these women, Isis was simply dawla [state], as if no other country existed or mattered. After he was killed, she had entered the traditional three-month mourning period. I asked her, that last time, if she had a happier life in Syria than she had in the UK. They imagine a world in which there is little poverty and inequality, governed with perfect fairness under clear-cut, divine laws that work to the advantage of all.

It is a vision that makes no allowances for the ambiguity and variety of traditional Islamic legal interpretations, or for the disorder of real life. Isis propaganda is designed to appeal to people who feel like outsiders in their own homes. Stop sinning. She was a British woman in her 20s with Pakistani parents. Where Umm Umar was open and easy to talk to, Umm Abbas was brisk and wary. On Twitter, she talked enthusiastically about her journey to Isis. The emir of the area matches her with someone and sets up a brief meeting, after which, if both parties are agreeable, the marriage quickly takes place.

Chinks of unhappiness sometimes appeared. She saw this as a test, requiring sabr [patience] on her part. Umm Umar would occasionally issue quiet pleas for comfort and reassurance. She stopped answering my messages. Complaints about difficulties in daily life were often couched in positivity. I brought 2 suitcases.

Dawla is not without its doubters, and utopian dreams are not easy to sustain, but few will be able to return home any time soon. But she knew that, once there, no Isis fighter would risk his life to get her out again. For each of the estimated more than western women who have travelled to Syria to join Isis , there are more sitting at their computers at home, voicing their support online. There is a code that Isis supporters use to communicate online. A single finger pointing upwards represents the Isis brand of monotheism and a commitment to death and victory.

But Umm Kulthum disapproved of all this. Many spoke of being constrained by everyday life, and of longing to be part of something bigger.

Skyping with the enemy: I went undercover as a jihadi girlfriend

Umm Kulthum knew that Isis was associated with brutality. Some of the women I spoke to argued that the violence was exaggerated by the western media. Others defended it by arguing that the kuffar did worse, while a few, including Umm Kulthum, actively relished it.

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ISIS Secrets of The Code ISIS Secrets of The Code
ISIS Secrets of The Code ISIS Secrets of The Code
ISIS Secrets of The Code ISIS Secrets of The Code
ISIS Secrets of The Code ISIS Secrets of The Code
ISIS Secrets of The Code ISIS Secrets of The Code
ISIS Secrets of The Code ISIS Secrets of The Code

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