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Many people will assume you're unethical. The porn world has been depicted as a seedy place in films like Boogie Nights or Lovelace , but those films do not reflect my job or my ethics as a porn artist. Generally people are shocked that I'm a generous, kind, and reserved person.


I wasn't prepared for the amount of sleaziness that has been projected onto me by others. Nobody will take your art seriously. Imagine you write books for a living, and none of your friends will admit to reading them. That's what it's like being a porn maker. Even close friends will avoid your work and rarely tell you it has the artistic worth you put into it.

No matter what, there's always going to be someone who thinks you've sold your soul to the devil. Prepare for your work to be stolen constantly. If people don't take your work seriously as labor or art, why would they bother paying for it?

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Torrents, free streaming porn sites "tube sites" , and password-sharing run rampant in the online porn world. This stream of free porn is a detriment to my livelihood as an indie artist and as a porn performer, and the livelihood of those who work with me or work for me.

But as sex workers, we are seen as consumable objects that can be bought or stolen without consideration for the work we did and the consent we provided. Hire a lawyer, because you'll need one.

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Your first lawyer emergency will happen sooner than you expect. The industry is full of people who will try to exploit you and your ideas, and it will cost you money to defend yourself.

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Make sure your contracts are legally binding and ethically sound, take time to understand the obscenity laws that apply to you, and be prepared to defend anything you've ever published. You'll feel really awkward at parties and family functions, if you even get invited. Have fun answering the same 10 questions everywhere you go, and for nobody to ever really get to know who you are after they find out what you do. At the last wedding I went to, the bride put me at a table with five women who left the party with plenty of information about sex and sex work, and literally no personal details about my life or interests beyond porn.

Eventually, some porn workers come up with alter egos my default is "freelance web designer" in order to avoid spending their entire day talking about porn. I often feel lonely because I can't be truly out about what I do without getting put under a microscope.

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You're limiting what you can do in the future. Whether you're a producer or a performer I am both , it's incredibly hard to leave or split your time in the adult industry with other industries and systems, like education, due to the stigma against sex work. Even in volunteer situations you'll face the risk of community backlash.

You don't need any filmmaking skills whatsoever to make porn.

Dave's Free Press: Journal: I, pornographer (again)

I pieced together my first porn film in iMovie with no knowledge of film editing. The life and times of Britain's first Modern trail blazing pornographer. Read about the making of porn in the Sixties: The sex mad models who did it for kicks. Orgies of sex and drugs. The Kray Twins who fed their victims to pigs and pythons. The hard and degrading British Prisons.

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An exciting and iconoclastic book that you won't be able to stop reading. And most of all the "perverse" sexual games played by the Pornographer. Read more Read less.

About the Author Artist, filmmmaker, sculptor and writer working in diverse media. No customer reviews. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. January 5, - Published on Amazon. Verified Purchase.

Sorry, I don't review nearly enough. As much as I read eBooks, I feel ashamed that I don't give more support.

It is with regret that this, one of the few, reviews is not complimentary in nature. I just didn't care for either the writer's style nor how he developed characters and plot. I didn't get much past the fourth chapter and that was forced. Maybe I expected something different as far as the story and subject goes, possibly this is just an outlet for that disappointment. It does seem as if the author put effort into the story, and I give credit for that effort.

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