Has Mickey Gone Nuts?

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Portrait photographer Donald has to take a picture of Shelby, an adorable baby turtle who refuses to cooperate. Donald is enjoying a relaxing day at the bowling alley until his ball turns out to be a bomb! When he tries to defuse it, the pins really begin to fly. Mickey orders a do-it-yourself airplane kit as a special surprise for a date with Minnie. Rushed for time, he ignores the instructions and pays a bitter price when the plane falls apart during their date. Ludwig Von Drake introduces his new invention - a time machine! But when he depends on his greatest creation to get him out of trouble, Von Drake's time quickly runs out.

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Mickey, Donald and Goofy open a turkey catching business and their first customer is a pompous pilgrim. The three friends come up with the perfect plan, but when they finally catch their game, will they let their new-found friend become the main course?

As they do every night, the Goofy Fairies come out to close all the flowers. When the goofiest Goofy Fairy causes his boss to be captured by a young boy with mad scientist ambitions, he must overcome his goofy shortcomings and come to the rescue before his boss becomes a science project.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved Retrieved on July 10, Retrieved on July 25, Mickey Mouse universe and Donald Duck universe animation. Mickey Mouse film series — Pluto filmography — Donald Duck filmography — Goofy filmography — Humphrey the Bear filmography — Mickey MouseWorks episodes House of Mouse episodes.

Mickey Mouse in animation. ABC Kids.

Even Stevens Fillmore! Categories : s American animated television series American television series debuts American television series endings s American animated television series ABC Kids American animated television programs featuring anthropomorphic characters American Broadcasting Company network shows American children's animated comedy television series American animation anthology series Disney Channel shows Donald Duck television series English-language television programs Mickey Mouse television series Television series by Disney Television Animation Television shows set in the United States.

Hidden categories: Episode list using the default LineColor. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Roberts Gannaway Rick Schneider-Calabash. Buena Vista Television. Kevin D. Donald's cold opening accident: Donald attempts to ride through on an elephant with a sign reading "Starring Donald Duck.

Donald's cold opening accident: Donald brings down a window blind saying "Starring Donald Duck," which rolls up taking Donald with it.

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Donald's cold opening accident: Donald sails through on an amphibious car and unfurls the sail which reads "Starring Donald Duck. Pluto Gets The Paper: Spaceship - Mickey sends Pluto out to fetch the newspaper, this time only to be taken aboard an alien spacecraft, where he is examined with tools and uses the transformation ray to make him to have 2 legs and turns him an alien, a Mammoth, a Pen with a piece of writing paper and a Dinosaur which he grows gigantic and the transformation ray turns him back and brings the newspaper back to Mickey and he pats him but his ears turn into alien antenna.

Donald's Rocket Ruckus - Huey, Dewey, and Louie want to go on the best ride in the whole amusement park, The Rocket Ruckus - but Uncle Donald is the ride operator, and he alters the height-requirement sign so his nephews are too short to ride.

When the angry boys finally succeed in getting past him, Donald spins the ride out of control and his nephews decide to take mischievous revenge. Goofy's Extreme Sports: Paracycling - Goofy defies the laws of physics and common sense when he bicycles off a cliff and ungracefully parachutes to the ground. They soon learn that he does not want a pipe organ - he wants their internal organs! Mickey's Mistake - Mickey finds a wad of money and buys Minnie an expensive hair bow. Then he finds out the money belonged to the orphans and goes through many disguises in his efforts to get the hair bow back from Minnie so he can get the money back to the orphans.

Donald's cold opening accident: Donald brings through an elegant flashing electrical sign which says "Starring Donald Duck" and then turns into a time and temperature flasher. Donald then exclaims "Aw Phooey!

Has Mickey Gone Nuts?

Maestro Minnie: Hungarian Rhapsody No. How To Be A Spy - When paranoid Goofy thinks the neighbors are up to something suspicious, he orders himself a mail-order spy kit and learns how to be a spy. Unfortunately, his dollar bill blows away on a gust of wind and into a kite-flying park. Donald straps on a kite to make a set of wings and takes to the sky, battling other kites, stormy winds and his pesky, playful dollar-bill before he emerges victorious. Pluto's Kittens - Pluto overcomes his dislike for felines and rescues three stray kittens from a rainstorm.

Hiding them from Mickey, Pluto takes the blame for their antics, and gets thrown out of the house for breaking the rules. In the end, Mickey discovers the kittens and all is well. Donald's cold opening accident: Donald unfolds an umbrella which says "Starring Donald Duck" which then gets zapped by a lightning bolt. Pluto Vs. The Watchdog - Because of Pluto's ineptitude at watch-dogging, Mickey gets a new watchdog. Little does he realize the new dog is part of Pete's plot to rob Mickey's house. Note - One of 7 shorts to be animated with traditional cel animation.

Donald's Dynamite: Opera Box - Donald and Daisy are enjoying a relaxing night at the opera when Donald reaches into Daisy's purse and pulls out a bomb! Now he must defuse it without Daisy noticing. Donald's cold opening accident: Donald plants flowers which bloom into letters that spell "Starring Donald Duck. Donald's Dynamite: Fishing - Donald is enjoying a relaxing day of fishing when he reels in a bomb!

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He tries to throw it back, but a cunning frog is determined to stop him. Purple Pluto - Minnie is getting Pluto ready for the big dog show when she accidentally uses hair dye instead of shampoo! What will Mickey do when he finds out his true-blue friend is now purple? Von Drake's House of Genius: Money Increaser - Ludwig Von Drake believes his new invention - a Money Increaser Machine - will save people from poverty, but it ends up getting him thrown in jail for counterfeiting! Sandwich Makers - Goofy is swept away with power when he becomes the captain of a submarine sandwich shop, but he soon learns that cooperation and friendship are essential for running a tight ship.

Pluto's Arrow Error - When Pluto is rejected by Dinah, he finds a quiver of magic cupid arrows and aims on using them to obtain her love. However, his plan backfires when the arrow accidentally bulls-eyes Butch. Donald's cold opening accident: Donald builds a brick wall on which he paints the words, "Starring Donald Duck. Thinking he's being treated poorly, Pluto runs away, only to bump into Pete and learn what bad treatment is really like.

Daisy Bothers Minnie - Minnie Mouse is looking forward to a quiet night at home, but the peace and quiet is soon interrupted when Daisy Duck invites herself over, not to mention a lion that escaped from the zoo. Biker a. Goofy is seized with bicycle race fever He goes through all the lessons of bike riding, ending once more in his race-fever craze and competing in a high-pressure BMX stadium race. Donald's cold opening accident: Donald drives up in a truck with "Starring Donald Duck" painted on the side.

The truck then drives away without him, and then returns to run over Donald. Goofy's Extreme Sports: Rock Climbing - Goofy grapples with equipment, balance and an annoying announcer as he scales to new peaks and plunges. Donald On Ice - Huey, Dewey and Louie are building a snowman for the big snowman contest, but Donald's skating mishaps destroy their first attempt, so they immediately retaliate.

Mickey's Mechanical House - Mickey, unsatisfied and annoyed by his old and noisy house, decides to buy a new home that runs itself. He later discovers, however, that this house is not much more comfortable, so he decides to move back at the end. This segment is narrated in rhyme. Donald's cold opening accident: Donald flies by in an airplane with a banner that reads "Starring Donald Duck.

Pluto Gets The Paper: Street Cleaner - This time Pluto gets sucked up into the bowels of an oncoming street sweeper in his endless quest to fetch Mickey's newspaper. Donald's Dinner Date - Donald must restrain his temper on a dinner date with Daisy, even though the incompetent Goofy is their waiter. Maestro Minnie: Brahms Lullabye - When Minnie conducts an orchestra-come-to-life, she keeps dozing off during her favorite lullaby. Fortunately, the instruments take over and wake her up!

Hydro Squirter - When Von Drake has trouble with his shower, he makes some adjustments and accidentally turns it into a teleportation device. With each twist of the faucet, towel-clad Von Drake finds himself in another embarrassing situation. Mickey's Piano Lesson - When Minnie signs herself and Mickey up to perform in a piano recital, Mickey decides the music is too easy for him to practice. But when he begins the performance, he realizes that without practice things never go as planned. Donald's cold opening accident: Donald pulls down a blind that "Starring Donald Duck" which rolls up taking him with it.

Original airdate: September 18, Mickey To The Rescue: Cage And Cannons - When Pete kidnaps Minnie and whisks her off to his funhouse-like hideout, Mickey must cross a cartoony bridge and dodge Pete's boxing-glove cannons to rescue her from a cage suspended high above the ground. Mickey's Remedy - Donald decides to give Mickey a try in controlling his three nephews. But Mickey has more than a few surprises up his sleeve, including the threat of "Bolvainian Brain Fever.

Scariest Donald Duck Scene In Film History EVER!!

Goofy's Extreme Sports: Wakeboarding - Goofy takes to the water to master the art of wakeboarding, but his attempts at difficult stunts leave him high and dry. Donald's cold opening accident: Donald pulls up in a train engine with a car attached with a banner that reads "Starring Donald Duck. Pluto Gets The Paper: Bubble Gum - Mickey sends Pluto out to fetch the newspaper, who has to fight with a discarded piece of bubble gum to retrieve it.

Mickey Tries To Cook - When Mickey discovers Minnie has fallen for Team Knife and Forks who can cook, are staff members and owned a catering service, he tries to make a fancy dinner to win her back. Donald And The Big Nut - Donald accidentally spills a super growth formula which results the growth of a giant nut which he wants to take to competition while Chip and Dale want to eat it. Topsy Turvy Town - Stranded in Topsy Turvy Town, a place where everything is the opposite of normal, Mickey and Minnie accidentally break the town's strange laws and are sentenced to an unusual punishment.

Donald's cold opening accident: Donald blows up a balloon which reads "Starring Donald Duck" but he blows it up too far and it explodes. Unfortunately, he discovers the invention is already in use and is commonly known as the telephone. If you have an interesting item or story, get in touch via collectgolf gmail.

Has Mickey Gone Nuts?
Has Mickey Gone Nuts?
Has Mickey Gone Nuts?
Has Mickey Gone Nuts?
Has Mickey Gone Nuts?
Has Mickey Gone Nuts?

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