Escape from the Troll (Scary Stories Book 1)

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Monies raised from the sale of the book benefit First Book, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing books to lower-income families, making it a doubly great choice for promoting literacy.

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Highly recommended for school and public libraries, and for readers of any age who love scary stories. Contains: references to murder and cannibalism, kidnapping, suggestions of dismemberment.

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Ripley Publishers, the experts on the bizarre and strange, have presented another brilliant installment to whet our curiosity. This latest title chronicles the strangest stories from all over the world. Sporting a holographic, eye-catching cover, the book entices with full-color photographs as well as lists and fun facts. Those who love Trivial Pursuit or are just curious to take a peek into the world of the bizarre will not be able to put this book down.

Readers will also recognize familiar friends in tattooed ladies, mummies, and various creepy crawlies.

Ghosts International: Troll and Other Stories | Oxford Graded Readers

Each chapter is showcased with photographs and illustrations that accompany the feature story Also included are bulleted entries of other tales and quips related to the chapter. There is no doubt something for everyone, young and older readers alike; this is a book that could lead to some very interesting dinner-time conversations! Here Mr. Meyer highlights his favorite acquisitions of the year and also the strangest items he has purchased in It is evident from the list alone that the Ripley staff has some of the best jobs on the planet.

Highly recommended for school libraries. Contains: some mildly graphic descriptions and illustrations. Available: New paperback and Kindle ebook. Seven year old Olivia has just moved from the city to a big house in the country with her father, Steve, a professional writer. Armed with this information, lonely Olivia seeks out the monster, a big, furry, and somewhat crabby creature named Burrufu, who secretly writes books. Burrufu grows larger when people react to him with fear, so he stays hidden, but Olivia is a true friend, and in one of the most wonderful parts of the book, she figures out a way for him to go outside without being seen.

Corral speaks directly and frankly to the child reader in describing not just Olivia and Burrufu but also the adults- Steve and his agent, Mark. Unfortunately, the book suffers from a flaw difficult to overcome. The main character, Olivia, is seven years old, but the language and references will go over the heads of the average third grader. Adults will appreciate this aspect of the writing, as it adds a fair amount of personality, but the target audience is going to miss out and may not comprehend parts of the story because of this.

Still, My Monster Burrufu is a charming read that never condescends to its child readers, and a parent might be able to convince an upper elementary kid "too cool" for a read-aloud with Mom or Dad, that they can enjoy the story together. The Island of the Skog by Steven Kellogg. The Island of the Skog is not a new book: it was published in , the year I was born.

It has always had a special place in my heart, though. Steven Kellogg is one of my favorite illustrators and has been since I was a child. Of all his many books, this is the tale that I love the most. The book begins with a band of terrified mice resolving to flee the cats and dogs persecuting them by sailing away from the city in search of a land where they can be free. Afraid that the Skog might attack them, the mice fire their cannons to scare the Skog away. When they come ashore, they are frightened to find the giant footprints of a monster and resolve to trap it and get rid of it.

The Skog, when we finally see it, is a gigantic, menacing creature with sharp claws, hidden in shadowy draperies. Most of the time Kellogg draws with incredible detail- it can be almost overwhelming. He also frequently uses muted colors, which make the tiny black lines that score the page and establish the details stand out. Not so with the Skog. Almost as startling is what happens next, and to find that out, go read it yourself. The Island of the Skog does have some advanced vocabulary and, for younger readers, the motivations of the characters may require explanations.

Highly recommended for kindergarteners and up. Contains: mild violence. Beware the Snallygaster by Patrick Boyton. A cute little story about an Appalachian cryptid named the Snallygaster, Beware the Snallygaster is quick-paced and filled with mystery. Holly and Peter are two intrepid fifth graders determined to find out whether the Snallygaster is real or not, for the sake of their reputations and grades.

But how do you catch a mythical monster that might be dead? While some of story vocabulary might above the reading level for the ages Amazon lists it for , Beware the Snallygaster is a fun and very modern Halloween-themed story, good for before-bed reading or for parents who love cryptids and want to share that with their kids. Recommended for public collections.

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Contains: alcohol including moonshine which is essential to the legend , references to violence and gore. Review by Michele Lee. Little Goblins Ten by Pamela Jane. Rather than recounting the activities of the ducks, frogs, and other adorable creatures in the original version, Jane has moaning mummies, cackling witches, and rattling skeletons. Manning does a marvelous job of creating spooky settings, from washed out haunted forests to bilious green swamps. Her monsters are adorably disturbing, and in spite of sharp teeth and occasionally crazed expressions, they smile a lot, are a playful bunch, like any little monsters on Halloween.

Kids who scare easily might not make it past the first few pages, which suggest a darker tone, but what starts out seeming creepy ends up being a lot of fun! Little Goblins Ten provides some great opportunities for interactivity when reading aloud. Kids can have a lot of fun howling with the werewolves, breathing fire with dragons, and swooping like bats. Contains: spooky images. The first Stoker Legacy book starts off with seventh grader Hannah mixing up a potion while trying to follow the directions left behind by her missing grandfather.

She has no idea what has happened to him, but is looking to the instructions he has left her to summon up others to help her. He also told her that he was a descendant of a long line of monster hunters. After completing her attempt at casting a spell over her potion, she waits…. The mix of suspenseful moments and funny quips make this book extremely balanced and show that the author knows how to pull together a good tale. This would make a great addition to all library collections and would especially do a great job of filling in an empty spot on any Halloween displays of books. Perhaps she missed Season Two, where they were both sociopathic monsters.

Even the vampires in Twilight are hardly harmless.

Troll Face Quest HORROR!

The age group the book is intended for seems up in the air. These books are aimed at upper elementary school kids. My local library apparently has this problem too.

How Trolls Are Ruining the Internet

As a nonfiction introduction to vampires, though, it is a disappointment. Stargazer, When Aunt Zsofia takes them on a trip to Chinatown on the edge of a saltwater bog, they never suspected they'd end up facing down monsters, ghosts and gun-wielding bad guys. The bog holds many secrets, the most interesting of which is a young girl named Mei who claims to be hiding from the people who killed her parents.

In their quest to help Mei the ZomBuddies will have to face down toxic bog water, mutated monsters and treacherous adults. Secret of Haunted Bog is a fast-paced, fun tale. Similar in feel to the Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys or Bobbsey Twins , or even the more modern incarnation of Scooby-Doo, it pits three courageous, stubborn kids against mysteries, supernatural and not.

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Engaging and exciting, Monster Moon makes for great in-class or before bed reading. Definitely recommended for preteen collections. Contains: Some gross out moments. Reviewed by: Michele Lee. Scary School by Derek the Ghost. Scary School is the first book in a new series written by a ghost. Yes, a ghost.

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Derek the Ghost tells us the ins and outs of the school as well as introduces us to many of the students and teachers at the school. Both humans and monsters alike attend Scary School, which is taught by all sorts of monsters for teachers. For instance, Mrs.

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  6. Fangs is one of the favorite teachers at school and she happens to be a vampire. The punishments at Scary School can be quite severe, even going as far as eating the students!

    Escape from the Troll (Scary Stories Book 1) Escape from the Troll (Scary Stories Book 1)
    Escape from the Troll (Scary Stories Book 1) Escape from the Troll (Scary Stories Book 1)
    Escape from the Troll (Scary Stories Book 1) Escape from the Troll (Scary Stories Book 1)
    Escape from the Troll (Scary Stories Book 1) Escape from the Troll (Scary Stories Book 1)
    Escape from the Troll (Scary Stories Book 1) Escape from the Troll (Scary Stories Book 1)

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