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More Lifestyles stories. Humour-deprived Chinese dictatorship torpedos South Park Updated 12 hours ago. Dartmouth tea sommelier Mel Hattie pours a cup and shares her journey Updated a day ago. Block Allow. Honesty Wright is back in a major way! Just when she thought she had found happiness in her life with Nario and a chance at a normal life, all hell breaks loose!

Someone from her past is hell bent on making her life miserable and Honesty is forced to confront them head on. She has always been the epitome of a good girl, but after one disaster too many; the good girl is gone! By the time she turned 18, Berg skipped a grade in high school, graduated to college, garnered a model- ing contract and launched a two-month stretch in Japan posing for photographers.

Sup- porting William Smith, she portrayed Elana, a naive Midwesterner who is abduct- ed and sold to a Hong Kong brothel though she gradually transforms into a thick- skinned survivalist. So that was a good break.

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Over time, a series of young couples move into the house but are murdered by the demon. I play a hideous- looking dead woman who comes back to life, warning couples about the demon. End of story. Although contracted to get paid at the end of each day, she received nothing. And I stormed out. I believe you get what you ask for. She de- scribes the film as "a series of virtual reality pieces.

This one was produced by two lawyers. Don asked me to read the script because he wanted me to play this char- acter named Tracy, who provided the comic relief for the group. So I read it, and found an abimdance of nudi- ty required for my role including a lesbian scene.

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Typleal of a Don Jackeon film, H makea no aenae. I think you can get farther in an acting career by not doing it. I have career aspira- tions that involve acting in the big picture and over the long run. She might. That was such a special time. It was my first film. The three of us felt it was against the Hollywood sys- tem to make the film we wanted. We were a special club. And now we all know too much.

Not pleas- ant death, either.

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Her char- acter, Beverly Sutphin, slices and dices, beats and stabs and runs down her neighbors and friends for failing to comply with such things as proper recycling or failing to rewind the video cassette. He was at her door four hours later, having hopped the next train from Baltimore to New York. He can charm the pants off any- thing. Then, of course, he seduced me by telling me that no other actress could pull it off. Well, there you go.

I was stuck. When she came to the scene where Serial Mom rips the innards out of an impolite student, then slips on his quivering liver. Turn- er turned off. It was funny. Besides, it looked like chicken liver to me. V'rn going to do lomothifig nolly bod lodoy. Ten years ago, if you had been bumped on the street, you would be annoyed. This has just been building up. All of us have this.

What I think this film can and might do is diffuse [the rage].

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Then she goes and acts on it. In the movie, she carries around photos of Manson and other infamous killers such as Richard Speck.

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But pretending to admire Charles Manson, that kind of got to me. Say some- thing is out of whack!

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  • I looked forward to each day on the set. I started feeling like my daughter half the time — Tm going to do some- thing really bad today. I like comedy. The industry is scared now. Most of the established studios want to protect their product. You do that with the safest material possible. But Turner has also tackled roles that were written on the periphery of the mainstream. The industry is scared. Most studios want to protect their product. You do that with the safest materiai possibie. The film, an uncompro- mising and gritty depiction of prostitution, floundered at the boxofflce.

    Eventu- ally, Turner recalled, her spouse understood. Not too many others have that standing. Frankly, [women are] offered less complimentary roles — the wife, the victim. Not very challenging. Maybe in the fall. She must decide the course of her life. I mean, I act, then they tell me to go away for two hours. Boringl I like being the director every minute. The black comedy was helmed by John Huston. Disney forced us to cut the film down to such a tepid level that I always thought the character, well, I felt I had to make it up to her.

    They have a full cast with each charac- ter getting an actor. In one scene, Warshawski goes to a theatre, so half the cast is taking off shoes and jump- ing up and down on a wood floor to give the effect of dancers. You just crack up. I act, than thoy toll mo to go away for two hours.

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    Bortngiy llko being the diroctor. By Steve Yeager Billed aa M. Kathleen Turner, the actresa played Evy, the victim of Hyde's sadistic passions. The time : July, Walking into a crowded multi- purpose site of the Sci- ence Building, I was struck by the rich sound of laughter ema- nating from one comer of the room. Back to the laugh- ter. It had a mahogany, Courvoisier quality about it.

    How Joan Didion the Writer Became Joan Didion the Legend

    I finally traced the source of the mirth to a most delightful, wildly at- tractive individual; Kathy Turner was holding court in the will call ticket area with some of the other vol- unteers. I introduced my- self as a fellow Baltimore theatre person, volunteer- ing time to this auspicious endeavor. Kathy was unsure of her future in terms of theatre, The last couple of semes- ters at UMBC had not been terrifically rewarding. Located in th original waterfront com munity of Baltimore, it' the oldest, continuin little theatre compan in the country.

    Th playscript given to m was one penned in and set in an old Eng lish drawing room. Th dreadfully written piec called for Henry Jekyl to make the transitio: to his alter ego, Edwar Hyde, by running be hind an on-stage folde screen, throwing on a to hat with a scraggly wi sown to the inside of th crown, and donning a overcoat with a hump at tached to the lining. Frankly, [women are] offered less complimentary roles. Not the least challenging. Kathy found the idea exciting and con- sented to read for the role of Evy, the dance hall femme fatale whom Hyde falls in love with and even- tually murders.

    Blowing Smoke 2 ( La Femme Fatale Publishing ) Blowing Smoke 2 ( La Femme Fatale Publishing )
    Blowing Smoke 2 ( La Femme Fatale Publishing ) Blowing Smoke 2 ( La Femme Fatale Publishing )
    Blowing Smoke 2 ( La Femme Fatale Publishing ) Blowing Smoke 2 ( La Femme Fatale Publishing )
    Blowing Smoke 2 ( La Femme Fatale Publishing ) Blowing Smoke 2 ( La Femme Fatale Publishing )
    Blowing Smoke 2 ( La Femme Fatale Publishing ) Blowing Smoke 2 ( La Femme Fatale Publishing )
    Blowing Smoke 2 ( La Femme Fatale Publishing ) Blowing Smoke 2 ( La Femme Fatale Publishing )

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